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Love to bead? How about your friends?

Posted by Viktoria Szabo on

We would love to be loved. Who doesn't? Loved by you, your friends, your almost friends and possibly your pets too. Just kidding. About the pets. So I came up with this little game which is kind of based on a win - win idea: You have the chance to win one of the 15 money off coupons we are giving away. Here is how:

For 3 weeks (starting from 10th Saturday) I'm giving away 5 money off coupons per week. All you need to do is like our Facebook page and share This Facebook Post where we are announcing our new website. Each week runs till Saturday midnight (UK time) and I'll announce the 5 lucky winners on Sunday. First prize draw: 18th October, second prize draw: 25th October and the last one is 1st November. If you share the post on each of those weeks your name will be entered to all 3 prize draws.

Here are the prizes to be won each week: 2 x £20 coupon, 3 x £10 coupon.

The winner will receive a special one off coupon which can be spent on any bead pattern or tutorial on the website during this year.

Good Luck :)

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