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Are we there yet...? The journey of my website

Posted by Viktoria Szabo on

I'm selling my beading tutorials and bead patterns for many years now through other venues, so you could ask: why bother?

I kept asking the same question from myself for years. I started playing with the idea of my own shop a few years ago, but life happened and kept surprising me with more and more challenging situations to deal with, including my sweet girl being diagnosed with autism and my own autoimmune conditions. I kinda' felt that I was missing something by not having my own website and this was THE project that came back haunting me every now and then, lately more often. It was like a seed, full of potential waiting for the right condition, the right moment, the first rain to come. Well, it came in the form of a brilliant book I've recently read. It just asked me one simple question: "What is THE thing you want to do, the project at the back of your mind you keep putting off for various reasons? Now go and do some tiny action about it. Write a note. Ask someone. Anything will do, but you have to do it right now."  So I did.

That initial small action I did after putting the book down started a snowball effect. My inner fire started burning again and I knew I want this badly. I really want to have my own website, want it to look and work the way it feels right to me. I want to provide a more personal experience to my fellow beaders who chose to buy my beading tutorials. And here we are... a few days and my shop is going to be open. I'm over the Moon, very excited, a bit anxious, and very much looking forward the time ahead.

So some words about the shop itself: Technically it's nearly good to go. Just checking the last technical bits, doing test purchase, testing e-mail addresses and other minor thingies. About half of my tutorials are uploaded and also a selection of my peyote and loom patterns. I'm going to keep uploading them on a daily bases but it may take a little while to have them all available, just because of the sheer amount of them. I'm going to use this blog to give a heads up what's going on in my shop, about all the new tutorials, the coming-soon patterns, the offers and sales and some insight of my own beading journey. 

Hope you are going to find my shop and blog inspirational. 


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