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My Beading Path

If I tell you I love beads you will only know half of the truth. Well, the other half is: I love everything about beading. I love designing patterns and experimenting with bead shapes and colors to create something that never existed before, I enjoy teaching people, connecting with others who share the same passion, shopping for beads and adoring the beautiful craft work of beaders.

Beads were part of my life since I was a young girl and eventually became my passion around 2006. It all started with a peyote bracelet I found by chance during an online search. I loved the technique but didn't like the design so I just had to figure out how it was made and draw my own pattern on paper. I knew nothing about bead weaving, never heard of peyote but it only took me a few days to get hooked on pattern design and beading. From that point it didn't take me long to start playing around with different beads and stitches. I loved challenging myself just to see what works and found beading to be the most relaxing and fulfilling hobby I've ever had. I'm a self taught beader who loves the process of trial and error. Soon after I started beading and drawing my own designs I learnt how to use professional graphics software and started to write up and share my own beading tutorials.

I still design peyote and loom patterns but my main passion is something I would call creative beading: I start with whatever beads I happen to be inspired by then just see where the process takes me. I hope my tutorials will assist you in creating something you love and share with pride. Whatever you create based on my patterns and tutorials you are welcome to sell - the only thing I ask is credit to me as the designer with a link to my website if it's possible.

Thank you in advance and have a lovely day filled with beads and creativity :)