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Asteria Beadwoven Lacey Crystal Bracelet

Asteria Beadwoven Lacey Crystal Bracelet

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Beading Tutorial
Asteria is a very pretty, intricate looking beadwoven bracelet, it was designed with the Asteria Pendant motif in different stages. This very delicate piece will make you feel like a princess and you will be noticed for sure - maybe by the prince... :)
The original design was made with Blue Goldstone and pale pink Miyuki delica beads, but have some fun and create something new with different colors using any 8 mm crystal, gemstone or pearl. The bracelet has a lace-like pattern, very much Victorian style, especially if you make it with red and black colors.
You can check the Asteria Pendant in my shop to see how the different colors change the personality of the pendant. You will be able to create both the bracelet and the pendant based on this tutorial.
The tutorial includes very detailed step by step written instructions with high quality computer graphics for every steps.
8 mm round Gemstone, pearl or crystal, 7x5 mm Fire Polished tear-drop glass bead, Swarovski 3mm round crystal or pearl or gemstone, 15/0 Seed bead, 11/0 Delica bead

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